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How Can Workforce Management (WFM) Software Help Me?

Workforce management (WFM) software is an all-encompassing term for mobile and desktop programs that are created to support a business at managing its staff scheduling. The software began in call centers and other service businesses that have a large number of workers who are normally paid by the hour. Helping a company gain insight to … Read more

What The Rise In API Data Breaches Means For Your Network

The increasingly digitalized world we live in has a lot of benefits in business and in relationships, but with it also comes a whole new host of problems, including a rise in API data breaches. A number of high-profile companies have been affected by API data breaches in recent years, allowing other businesses to learn … Read more

What Can Azure Stack Do For Your Business?

Azure Stack has commanded plenty of loyal followers since its release, and it’s easy to see why. The platform provides many of the same great benefits users found in Microsoft’s Azure. Chief among them is the impact on multi-cloud environments. Building and deploying applications have become easier than ever before, and users are now able … Read more

Top 10 Laptops Of 2018

What Are The 10 Top Laptops of 2018? One does not just walk into a store and purchase the first laptop he sees these days; they’re a pretty big investment! Everyone wants to get all the great features they have in mind with their purchase. Laptops have become somewhat of an extension of who we … Read more

iPad vs. Microsoft Surface Go (Comparison/Benefits)

Which Tablet Is Best For You: iPad Or Microsoft Surface Go? Microsoft recently announced a new budget-friendly tablet called the Surface Go with a lower price than previous tablets. This new Surface Go 2-in-1 tablet is Microsoft’s attempt to make it more affordable and accessible for consumers. It doesn’t have the muscle of the Core … Read more

How Can I Keep Data Breaches From Hurting Me And My Business?

An all too common occurrence that takes place in many businesses, organizations, and institutions is the data breach. This is where hackers infiltrate your database and steal all types of information including that of your clients. Just this past month, Algonquin College, located in the National Capital region, released a statement informing the public about … Read more

How to Record the Screen on Your iPhone or iPad

There’s no shortage of useful features on your iPhone, but just because there are so many doesn’t mean you’re utilizing your smartphone to its fullest. The iPhones and iPads of yore were good for little more than making calls, taking photos, and browsing the internet. However, today’s iOS capabilities have improved over time. With each … Read more