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Is Your Business Treating Your Emails Like Hillary Clinton?

Democratic White House Front Runner Hillary Clinton Faces Backlash After Sensitive Emails Get Disclosed In an interesting series of events, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opted to use a controversial “home brew” personal email server provider, and her decision may now be posing quite the problem. Clinton selected a small IT firm to maintain her private … Read more

Are You On The Ashley Madison List?

Ashley Madison Has Been Hacked…Exposing Thousands Of People If you’ve seen the news in the past few days, you’ve likely heard of one of the largest, most embarrassingly damaging hacks in 2015: Ashley Madison, a website that helps facilitate cheating and affairs, was hacked – a total of 9.7 gigabytes of data stolen and published … Read more

Ransomware Coming Disguised as a Windows 10 Update

It’s common knowledge that cybercriminals work quickly; they pay close attention to the IT world and hunt for vulnerabilities to prey on, or new software to use as a disguise for their attacks. With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 last month, malware developers and other scam artists were quick to use it to their … Read more

Reenergize Your Workforce with Gamification

Gamification is an idea that many business owners don’t really consider; in fact, many don’t really even know what it means. By definition, gamification is the process of making systems or services more enjoyable and appealing, designed mostly to improve employee engagement, organizational productivity, and workflow. You might wonder if gamification is really a viable … Read more

3 Exciting Tools from Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) consists of three main components; each designed to address different business challenges. Combining three key Microsoft products, EMS is the complete cloud solution for challenges that come along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. With EMS, Microsoft is offering an effective bundle at a discounted price. These tools will … Read more