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What are the advantages of outsourcing my IT services?

Employees are expensive. First, there’s the substantial time investment required to find the right employee when you have an open position. You’ll have to make an effort to advertise that opening, then you have to make room in your schedule to fit in interviews with the most qualified applicants, and finally you’ll have to confer … Read more

Trouble Remembering to Call?

Karen Turner, CEO of Turner Efficiency has shared another great tip on how to make yourself and your team more efficient using technology.  Check this out. Returning calls can be difficult to remember. Make it easier by having the caller do the remembering.  [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-3HaMc1Sno]In other words, when you receive a phone call during a meeting, send … Read more

Still Running An Exchange Server?

3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Finally Migrate To The Cloud Do you still carry around a pager? Do you still hear this wonderful music every time you connect to the internet? No, you don’t. Then why are you still running an on-site Exchange server? Using outdated equipment is inefficient and unprofessional. To consistently earn … Read more

How Can Managed IT Services Save You Money?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before; Managed Service Providers will save your company a lot of money. However, it’s rare that someone explains to you exactly how, and how much an MSP can save you. Most of your business decisions are based on cost versus profit – it’s usually the determining reason for companies to … Read more

What Makes Business Continuity So Vital?

Information Technology is the backbone of every business these days. Your company depends on its systems functioning properly every day. Are you prepared for the moment when disaster strikes and you can no longer access your important records and systems? Data disasters come in many shapes and sizes; an unexpected power surge or outage, cybercrime, … Read more

Cybersecurity: A Serious Concern for Businesses Both Big and Small

Many businesses believe that online security breaches are only a real problem for big businesses. You only ever hear about cybercrime on the news when it happens to a business as big as Target or Home Depot. This way of thinking seems logical on the surface: When international corporations like Target are apparently vulnerable to … Read more

Does Your IT Service Provider Know How to Take Care of Your QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular financial software used by small businesses. Countless businesses use it to keep track of their books, whether they do accounting in-house or connect with a bookkeeper outside the office. Companies that use QuickBooks rely on it to stay on top of their finances and keep everything in proper … Read more

Urgent Warning: Do NOT Install MS Office Update 14.5.0!

Installing MS Office Update 14.5.0 WILL Impact Your Ability to Use Outlook! Mac Office 2011 version 14.5.0 was released on May 12th, 2015, however, most users are reporting serious issues after installing the update – so we strongly urge you to avoid doing so. After updating, many users reported an issue with Outlook – the … Read more

OnServe Solves Server Problems for the Town of Deep River, Ontario

Deep River, Ontario lies along the Ottawa River, the border between Ontario and Quebec. It’s a 2 hour drive from Ottawa, 4 hour drive from Montreal, and walking distance to the deepest stretch of the Ottawa River, hence the name Deep River. The town had a problem with their previous IT solution, and they ended … Read more