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Top 4 Reasons Why CEO’s Outsource Their IT Services

No matter what decision you’re making for your company, it’s important to consider every factor. You need your business to be covered from every angle, and outsourcing IT provides CEO’s with a huge number of benefits to improve their business and more easily manage their employees and tasks. There are several factors that make it … Read more

5 Secrets Other Brockville Computer Service Companies Won’t Tell You!

Many Brockville computer service companies are giving you half-truths – they’ll say whatever they think works to get you into a contract. Are you paying attention to the services they offer, or just skimming their contracts and hoping for the best? You can’t take a gamble when it comes to the livelihood of your business … Read more

Is Your Lenovo Laptop A Ticking Time Bomb Waiting to Go Off?

Make Sure Your Lenovo Laptop Isn’t at Risk From a Newly Discovered Cybercrime Security Threat! If you use a Lenovo laptop, you’re at great risk of being hacked right now. It was recently discovered that Lenovo had recently sold laptops packaged with Superfish adware automatically installed on them. What does that mean? Not only is … Read more

Choosing The Right Dental Software Application

Unsure Which Dental Software Package Makes Sense For Your Practice? Dental software plays a huge part in practices today, helping to streamline work and make clients information safer and more secure than ever. Plus, it helps to avoid the struggle of coordinating the schedules of your dentist and hygienist. With all of the options out … Read more

Excitement For Windows 10 Is Building – Expect Great Things

It’s been a long time coming for the Windows world, and this marks the biggest transformation yet. 1.7 million registered members participated in the Windows Insider Program to assist in making it the best Windows version of all time. With over 1,300 bug fixes already, Windows 10 focuses on delivering greater performance, compatibility and business-friendly … Read more

Are You Feeling The Love From Your IT Service Company?

With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s not just time to think about your romantic relationships, but your business partnerships as well. Is your IT service company showing you the love, or are you feeling more and more like an after-thought? No relationship can survive on a one-way street, and if your IT Company isn’t paying attention … Read more

Is it time to break up with your IT services company?

With Valentine’s Day Around The Corner, Is It Time You Reviewed Your Relationship With Your IT Services Company? Are you staying in a relationship with your IT service company out of loyalty? Does it seem like you’re not getting the service that you deserve, but you keep sticking around because it’s hard to choose a … Read more

$400,000 Down the Drain – How A Cyber Attack Can Cripple Your Company

Cyber Security Breaches Continue To Cost Businesses Well Into The Future! Kaspersky Lab and B2B international conducted a study which found that a DENIAL OF SERVICE (DDoS) attack can cost companies big – averages run from about $52,000 to $444,000 in loses depending on the size of the company. Not only is this obviously a … Read more

Windows Azure or Amazon Web Services? Which One Is Better For Business

Amazon Web Services have been the industry go-to for cloud service for some time, but in recent years some competition has risen – Windows Azure is secure, easy-to-use, and offers tons of benefits. What are the differences between the two public clouds, and which is the best fit for your business? It’s hard to say, … Read more

Backing Up Your Data: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Data loss is not some fabricated threat publicized by the IT-industrial complex to drum up more business. Hundreds of companies every year suffer significant data loss, and it could happen to you, too Fire the wrong guy, and he might just use his knowledge of your systems to delete some of your most sensitive files … Read more