Hidden Gems in Apple iOS Notes  

The Apple iOS Notes application is a great tool with so many practical features.  However, many don’t know about these hidden tools to extend the Notes experience.  Check them out here.     The Apple’s Notes application is built into all versions of iOS. Ever since the release of the original iPhone in 2007, it’s been […]

5 Important Tips To Grow Your Company

Want to Grow Your Business?  It May Be Time to Rethink Your Goals.   I love football. Not just watching a game on Sunday afternoon, or playing touch football every Thanksgiving with my family — I love the rules. The rules of football differ from those of other sports because you don’t just define the […]

Affordable Apple Products?  Yes!

Apple has long been known as a high-end brand that caters to the younger, wealthier consumer. However, market shifts and changes in the industry have them rethinking their business model.  They are now focusing on mid-market consumers to maintain market share. Apple’s marketing efforts have long been legendary throughout the world.  In the past, their […]

How IT Pros Avoid Phishing Scams

10 Tips to Follow Falling for a phishing scam can be no only embarrassing, but a true danger to your organization and confidential information. Anyone who uses the Internet must know how deal with them. You’ve been hearing about phishing scams for years, and probably think that only gullible people fall for these obvious security […]

Have You Thought Of Biometrics?

If you’ve paid any attention to computer security in the past few years, you know how quickly biometrics is being adopted. Biometrics refers to the used of biological data for security. While passwords can be guessed or hacked, physical characteristics like fingerprints are much more difficult to fake.  This helps to protect against a wide […]

Save Money and Drive Business Innovation with IT Managed Services. 

Outsourcing your IT support may not be something you’ve thought about, but the cost savings and innovative growth they can bring will energize your business. Today more than ever, business leaders are being pushed to provide speedy access to services and products that may be outside their technical expertise. The rapid change in technology is […]

DaaS Solves Your Device Management Problems.  

Device management is an age-old headache, and one that IT teams struggle with on a regular basis. However, using DaaS (Device as a Service) can solve this problem, and leverage organizational strengths while reducing overall costs. Businesses of all sizes look for ways to leverage technology to create an edge over their competitors. However, this […]

The Canadian Government Says High-Speed Internet is Essential. 

As a business owner in Canada, the Internet is crucial to our operations, productivity and success.  How important is the Internet to you? Would you go as far to say that it’s essential for a decent quality of life? Thankfully, the lawmakers in Canada believe it is. Food, shelter, clothes, and a high-speed broadband Internet […]

Add a Touch Screen to Your 13″ MacBook Air with AirBar. 

AirBar for the MacBook Air provides the ability to seamlessly activate touch and gesture functionalities.   Even though it’s a few years old, Apple’s 13″ MacBook Air is still an impressive device. For $999 you get: 128 GB of flash-based storage on a solid-state drive, A 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of […]

Don’t Like Windows 10?  

Do you know how to customize Windows 10 to fit your needs? If your job requires work on a PC every day, even the smallest details can make a huge difference. Flexibility has never been a selling point for Windows. But, with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has changed this perception by providing ways […]